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RVS LLC is a multi-lingual, international law practice with a global mindset. Our lawyers strive to deliver cost-effective legal solutions to businesses operating in emerging markets and across multiple jurisdictions.

RVS operates according to the highest professional standards in the legal profession. Many of our lawyers are members of the national bar associations, the International Bar Association and the American Bar Association.

With a wide net of contacts and trusted agents in a variety of jurisdictions, we are uniquely positioned to provide seamless advice on cross-border issues.

Our clients range from start-ups and medium-sized businesses to industry leading enterprises, academia and public sector organizations.

We speak English, Russian, Spanish, French and German, and we are experienced in both civil law and common law issues.

Canadian Legal Services

Canada is a highly developed country with the 17th largest GDP by PPP in the world. The country is considered an energy superpower due to its abundant natural resources. Canadian economy is diverse: in addition to the strong oil and gas sector, service industry, manufacturing (particularly automobile and aircraft industries), commercial fishing, and entertainment software industries are major sectors of the economy.

Canada is a member of the APEC, NAFTA, G7, G20, OECD and WTO. The country has strong ties with its southern neighbour, the United States. NAFTA created one of the world’s largest free trade areas, and currently virtually all tariffs on Canada- U.S. trade in originating goods are eliminated. Canada and the U.S. have one of the world’s largest investment relationships with a bilateral investment stock totalling almost CA$836.2 billion as of 2015.

Recently, Canada has signed Free Trade Agreements with the European Union and Ukraine.

One of Canada’s financial centers, Toronto is the most populous city in Canada and the capital of the province of Ontario. Toronto is an international centre of business, finance, arts, and culture in the world.

Corporate Law

Corporate vehicles are essential tools for businesses to structure intra-group relations, optimize tax liability and protect personal assets of the business owners. RVS offers a range of services to corporations and individual clients on a variety of matters related to the establishment, maintenance and restructuring of their corporations in Canada, including: • Corporate due diligence searches; • Incorporation of provincial and federal corporations; • Federal and provincial filings; • Extra-provincial registrations; • Drafting of partnership, shareholders and investment agreements; • Corporate governance issues; • Structuring and negotiation of business transactions, including share and assets purchases, joint ventures and divestitures; • Reorganizations and liquidations.

Business Law

Enterprises encounter a plethora of legal issues during their lifetime. RVS helps clients to navigate regulatory requirements applicable to their businesses, and provides valuable assistance with negotiating and preparing a variety of commercial agreements. Some of our Business Law services include: • Domestic and international franchising; • Technology, trademark and patent licensing; • Financing; • Non-disclosure agreements; • Agency and distributorship agreements; • Compliance with federal, provincial and municipal rules and regulations applicable to your business, including Canadian Anti-Spam Law, privacy issues, public health and safety requirements, etc.

International Legal Services

In a modern global world, many businesses expand to an international marketplace. Whether your enterprise seeks to increase its customer base, manufacture products overseas, or buy a new technology to increase your competitiveness, RVS will equip you with legal tools to make your expansion smooth and protect your interests. While countries become increasingly open to international businesses, differences in legal systems persist. RVS is experienced in dealing with both civil law and common law systems, and will help you navigate legal requirements in your country of destination.

From the legal point of view, the world continues to be a patchwork of different laws, legal traditions and policy issues. Our experienced and multi-lingual team will coordinate the various legal requirements, filings and paperwork for your business to ensure compliance with local rules, without disrupting your business.

Our international practice serves the client in Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Arbitration, and International Coordination practice areas. We have a wide network of trusted local lawyers and agents. If we retain a third party provider to assist with your legal issue, we closely supervise local counsel and ensure that you get a seamless and integrated legal advice.

We assist clients doing business in the Bahamas, Britain, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cayman Islands, China, Cyprus, European Union, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, United States, and other jurisdictions.

International Business Law

Doing business internationally requires enterprises to have solid, bullet-proof agreements with counterparties and remain compliant with a variety of local legal requirements. RVS assists clients with drafting and negotiating enforceable international agreements. We also help you ensure that your international business is up-to-date on all compliance issues in your local markets. Some of our International Business Law services include: • International franchising; • International technology, trademark and patent licensing; • Manufacturing Agreements; • Financing; • Non-disclosure agreements; • Agency and distributorship agreements; • Compliance with local legal requirements applicable to your business, including privacy issues, franchise disclosure laws, etc.

Intellectual Property Law

Businesses with global aspirations should be aware that their valuable intellectual property assets, such as technology, trade secrets, patents, industrial designs, trademarks, logos, domain names and software, may not be automatically protected in their country of origin or internationally. Requirements of originality, patentability, distinctiveness and use vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and it easy to lose track of the myriad of deadlines and paperwork that is required to protect your assets globally.

RVS has significant experience in managing international portfolio of intellectual property assets, and we regularly advise clients on legal issues with respect to the commercial exploitation and use of technology and IP: • Registration of trademarks, domain names, industrial designs and patents; • Managing of global trademark, industrial designs, patents portfolio; • Technology transfer and licensing; • Protection and licensing of trade secrets and know-how; • Non-disclosure agreements; • Infringement proceedings around the world.

International Arbitration

Depending on jurisdictions your business operates in, arbitration may be an effective dispute resolution choice in your international commercial deals. RVS provides a tailored, needs-specific advice on the most appropriate dispute resolution mechanism for a particular transaction. We take into account the court system in a particular jurisdiction, arbitrability of potential disputes, the nature and volume of the transaction, the number of jurisdictions involved, and other factors. RVS will assist you with: • Representation before the arbitral tribunal; • Enforcement of arbitral awards; • Drafting of arbitration clauses; and • Choosing the most appropriate dispute resolution mechanism for your specific needs.

International Coordination

Doing business in multiple counties is a challenge for many entrepreneurs. To seize lucrative opportunities in unfamiliar markets, businesses should be aware of local requirements and ensure protection of their interests abroad.

RVS is experienced in managing growth of its clients to ensure seamless conduct of business in multiple jurisdictions. Due to the international exposure of our practice, we operate in many jurisdictions directly. We have a wide network of trusted local lawyers and agents, and our familiarity with both common law and civil law systems enables us to effectively supervise the work of local agents to ensure that your interests are protected.

Our international coordination services will assist you with: • Obtaining permits or approvals in various jurisdictions; • Supervising your local lawyers or agents to ensure quality of their work and timely delivery of services; and • Ensuring that various deadlines for filing and paperwork requirements are met.



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