Representation of the creditor’s interests in the insolvency proceedings of a distribution company.

RVS professionals elaborated a strategy of insolvency proceedings of a distribution company to protect the client’s interests as creditor.

Legal and factual actions were elaborated and performed in the client’s interests as creditor at the preparatory stages of insolvency proceedings against its debtor to procure full and timely satisfaction of the client’s claims. In particular, legal due diligence and monitoring of the proprietary condition of the debtor were carried out in order to determine the prospects of the client’s influence on the insolvency proceedings of the debtor. An insolvency petition against the debtor was filed to arbitrazh (commercial) court. The petition was fully satisfied. Pursuant to the recognition of the debtor insolvent the client’s claims were included in the register of the creditor’s claims. Currently our lawyers support the insolvency proceedings (take part in the creditor’s meetings, in court hearings).

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