International commercial debt collection case in Russia

12.10.2016 RVS LLC assured through judicial proceedings the return of the debt of the Russian importer in favor of the Argentine company, exporter of fresh fruit to Russia.
Alexander Rodin, Managing partner, commented on the news: «Our client from Argentina had to wait the payment for a large consignment of fruit for about two years. We have succeeded to recover the debt in Russia only through the judicial proceedings, which resulted in a settlement agreement between the parties. Four days after the approval of the agreement by the Arbitration Court of the Tula oblast, Vitícola Cuyo, our client, received the long-awaited payment. I think this case will be seen as a precedent: there was the minimum set of documents at our disposal for submitting a claim, moreover, the law of Argentina applied to the relationship of the parties, the arbitration agreement has not been concluded between the parties. But even in these conditions we were able to build an effective tactic, and to achieve excellent results».

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