Execution Proceedings: enforcement of a judgement in Russia

The trial is over, the decision is rendered, how to execute a court decision in Russia? In most cases the rendered court decisions need to be enforced. In order to enforce a decision, an enforcement proceeding must be initiated. RVS LLC provides full legal support for enforcement proceedings.

Enforcement proceedings in Russia is a statutory procedure for enforcement of court decisions. Enforcement proceeding is initiated by the bailiff service on the basis of an enforcement order issued by the court pursuant to the entry of the decision into legal force.

The bailiffs themselves rarely comply with the statutory timeframes, therefore it is necessary to have a constant legal monitoring over the enforcement proceedings. If you have encountered a situation where the enforcement proceeding is not moving forward, our lawyers are always ready to provide you with a qualified legal assistance and solve the complications in connection with enforcement actions:

  • if it is possible to withdraw funds directly from the debtor’s bank accounts we shall enforce the court decision via the debtor’s bank;
  • we shall draft and file an application for initiation of enforcement proceedings to the competent department of the bailiff service;
  • we shall provide control over the enforcement proceedings;
  • we shall challenge unlawful acts or omissions to act of the bailiff, where applicable.

RVS LLC deals with enforcement proceedings in Moscow, the Moscow Region and other regions of Russia. We are fit and ready to promptly recover a debt under an enforcement order in any region of the Russian Federation.

How to seize a property under a court decision? More often than not clients ask this question when the debtor does not execute a court decision for recovery of debt and the bailiffs keep promising you and persuading you that they have sent the queries to all instances. In this situation, seizure of the debtor’s property might be a measure that will urge the debtor repay the debt.

Institution of enforcement proceedings against the debtor involves negative effects for the debtor, such as arrest of accounts, seizure and subsequent sale of the main assets (sometimes for a relatively low price) and many more. If you are a debtor and have enforcement proceedings instituted against you, feel free to engage RVS LLC. Our enforcement proceedings lawyers shall help you defend against abuse by the creditor and unlawful acts of the bailiff and, if possible, shall ensure suspension of enforcement proceedings.

References to cases

  • Victory over a chain of beauty shops in a dispute over a rent.

    A chain of beauty stores filed a lawsuit against one of the clients of RVS to oblige him to enter a rental contract. The plaintiff had rented a premise that belonged to the defendant and tried to execute a priority right to enter a rental contract for a longer period. However, RVS lawyers managed to prove that the plaintiff failed to comply with the mandatory procedure of execution of a priority right to enter a rental contract for a longer period and therefore the premises at issue were let to a new tenant.



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