Employment Law in Russia

Employment law advice is in demand among both the employers and employees during the crisis times having a direct impact on the labor market. Our clients comprise both Russian and cross-border companies seeking the opportunities to minimise the employment-related risks and costs staying within the framework provided by the tough Russian employment legislation. We also provide assistance and support to those individuals who occupy the leading positions within Russian and international companies and would like to make sure their interests are safely protected. Our work comprises assisting our corporate and individual clients with any relevant task - would it be assistance in evaluation of risks, preparation of documentation, participation in negotiations or participation in court procedures.

Employment law has always been one of the most painful areas of law for the major companies and an unexpectedly tough area for the foreign businesses coming to Russia. While the regulatory framework intends to provide for certain balance of employer-employee interests many foreign employers would find the general outline quite different from what they would expect, especially in the amount of rights the employee would have. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that the employees may wish to take advantage of the opportunities provided to them by the regulatory framework.

Our lawyers have big experience in helping the Russian businesses take the necessary steps to minimise their risks connected with employment relations. We also assist individual clients to make sure they get the protection provided for by the current Russian legislation.

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