RVS LLC represents clients in two arbitrations in Stockholm.

RVS LLC represents clients in two arbitrations in Stockholm. In each of these two processes RVS LLC acts as the representative of a Russian defendant. Alexander Shurygin, a partner with RVS LLC, comments on the news: “Each international arbitration process is interesting for a lawyer and very demanding when it comes to the quality of the legal team’s work. The two current processes in Stockholm demonstrate the ability of RVS LLC to protect the clients’ interests in international arbitration.”

Alexander Rodin, Managing partner of RVS LLC, comments on the news: “The increase in the number of international arbitration processes in which RVS LLC participates is a remarkable and positive fact demonstrating that the firm’s practice is getting stronger. It is also worth noting that in one of the latest processes RVS LLC acted as the sole representative of an American claimant. This process resulted in a victory of the client of RVS LLC and clearly demonstrated the trend that foreign companies engage Russian law firms more often for Russia-related international arbitrations.”

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