RVS LLC has completed due diligence with respect to a major restaurant chain in Russia

RVS LLC has completed due diligence with respect to a major restaurant chain in Russia. The checks were made with respect to over 120 Russian companies and the project was finished within very pressed time limits.

Alexander Shurygin, a Partner of RVS LLC, comments on the news: “Due diligence may well be a difficult task, especially when there are harsh time restrictions. The project that has been completed by our team required full legal review of a big restaurant chain operating in Moscow and in other regions of Russia. The checks comprised the review of corporate issues, licenses, lease agreements, intellectual property, same as labor law compliance, litigation, credit agreements and many other issues. It is very pleasant that the project was successfully finished within the time limits prescribed by the pace of the transaction.”

Emil Vadiyan, the Managing partner of RVS LLC, comments: “We are glad that this big and demanding project has been successfully finalized. In the current economic environment each M&A deal is of interest and we are glad RVS LLC acted as the purchaser’s counsel in this project. The task required a great amount of work from the team led by Alexander Shurygin, the firm’s partner. It is also worth noting that Roman Saitov, Veronika Ivanova and other members of the team contributed a lot to the success of this project.”

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