Bankruptcy nad insolvency proceedings in Russia

Nowadays many companies face difficulties caused by the financial crisis. Bankruptcy (insolvency) procedures of an enterprise or a company can appear extremely helpful in the context of a liquidity crisis. It may become necessary to file for insolvency for both the creditors whose monetary claims debtor cannot fully satisfy, and the companies in debt that are not able to discharge the outstanding debts without damaging the business.

The insolvency procedure of a company in Russia is complicated both legally and economically. Only the involvement of experienced professionals at an early stage of insolvency can help to protect both the creditor’s interests, which encounters problems in recovering the debts, and the debtor, which is in trouble in reestablishing its solvency. RVS can offer you legal advice on every aspect of insolvency, as well as full support in bankruptcy proceedings in arbitrazh (commercial) court.

The professionals of RVS have special knowledge and expertise to advise on insolvency of legal entities. Our insolvency lawyers protect the client’s interests in Russia in court in any situation: whether it is necessary to protect the creditor’s interests, or if the debtor itself initiates the insolvency procedure under the applicable law.

In the first instance, the work of insolvency lawyers is aimed at:

  • drafting and filing an insolvency petition / professional drafting and filing of the application of inclusion of the creditors of the debtor into the register of claims;
  • legal support of the activity of insolvency trustees on various stages;
  • participation in creditors’ meetings.

In the second instance, when, in accordance with the law, the debtor is obliged to initiate insolvency proceedings, our professionals will take care of all legal actions in connection with this process:

  • drafting the insolvency petition to the court;
  • selection of the insolvency trustee and monitoring the legality of his or her activities;
  • representation of the debtor’s interests in court hearings.

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